METabolic CONditioning


MetCon sessions focus on developing outstanding cardio, endurance and technique using functional movements involving bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls & plyometrics.

All workouts are scaled and modified to meet the needs and fitness levels of your fitness level.


Here's a typical breakdown of the class:

The coach will guide you through a functional warm-up specific for the movements being performed in the class. 

Strength or Skill
As a class we will practice a movement outside of the workout. This allows us to focus on the specific details of the movements. Examples: pull-ups, Turkish Get Ups, wall walks, etc.

MetCon (metabolic conditioning)
The coach will go over the movements you will be doing for the workout prior to the start of the clock. The goal is to move effectively, so getting the right weights is important. The demo is the time to try out movements and ask any questions. The coach is always there to help so don’t feel too shy to ask, performing the movements correctly is important to us and you. The class always starts together and finishes together until the last person is done. You may be moving through movements individually, as a group, or a class.

We end off with either a ‘fun burner’ or a stretch as a class to close it off. Feel free to ask the coach any questions in regards to movements or specific stretches.

Our MetCon classes are designed so anyone can start right away and get a good sweat on. We reserve the more complex movement patterns for our CrossFit classes.

We offer MetCon classes as it's own membership or in conjunction with our other classes such as Sticks and Stones, Gymnastics and Way of the Barbell. Click below to check out our membership options.