This is our most popular option as it includes our CrossFit membership along with all of our other group classes. This functional strength & conditioning program is developed to make you prepared for a broad range of physical tasks, along with other health benefits such as improved body composition, lower blood pressure, stronger immune system, etc.

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Our MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning) classes are designed for beginners to jump into our classes right away and for seasoned athletes to include additional cross-training sessions into their routine. MetCon sessions focus on developing outstanding cardio, endurance and technique using functional movements involving bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells, med balls and plyometrics.

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MetCon Monthly



1 class/day

Class Packs Available

Standard Plus Monthly

Compare Monthly Membership Plans
  Standard Plus Monthly Standard Monthly MetCon Plus Monthly MetCon Monthly
  225 200 175 145
Sticks and
  2 classes/day 1 class/day 1 class/day 1 class/day
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    Class Packs Available Class Packs Available Class Packs Available
Standard Class Packs
№ of classes Price  
1 Class 25 Contact Us
5 Pack 115 Buy Now
10 Pack 225 Buy Now
20 Pack 357.14 Buy Now
Standard Monthly 200 Buy Now
Additional purchase of $50 for On Ramp sessions is required for new members on class packs.
MetCon Plus Class Packs
№ of classes Price  
10 Pack 180 Buy Now
20 Pack 300 Buy Now
MetCon Plus Monthly 175 Buy Now
MetCon Class Packs
№ of classes Price  
1 Class 25 Buy Now
5 Pack 100 Buy Now
10 Pack 156.25 Buy Now
20 Pack 280 Buy Now
MetCon Monthly 145 Buy Now

Standard Class Packs


MetCon Plus Class Packs


MetCon Class Packs



Monthly Memberships

  • Monthly memberships renew automatically each month; a credit card on file is required. Additional payment options are available, email us for details.
  • New Standard Plus and Standard memberships requires 2 one-on-one On-Ramp sessions prior to start of membership.
  • No shows or late cancellations (3 hours or less prior to class time) are subject to a $5 penalty.

Class Packs

  • First time Standard Class packs purchase requires an additional $50 for the mandatory 2 one-on-one On-Ramp sessions.
  • No shows or late cancellations (3 hours or less prior to class time) are subject to a loss of session.
  • Expiry (classses must be used within the listed time frames):
    • 5-pack: 4 months
    • 10-pack: 6 months
    • 20-pack: 8 months