• All auto-pay memberships are required to have a Credit Card on their Wodify accounts
  • All monthly memberships (except the Monthly Standard Plus) have 1 class/day attendance limit
  • All Monthly Memberships require 2 Weeks notice before cancelling
  • Cheques for auto-pay must give at least a minimum of 2 months in advance


  • Each Pack membership have an expiration date ( 10 packs = 6 Months, 20 Packs = 8 months)

All Memberships

  • All Memberships can be put on hold for up to 2 weeks a month.
  • All Memberships are non-refundable
  • Open time is restricted to authorized athletes (Additional fees may apply)
  • OnRamps for Standard Memberships must be completed before joining classes and are required to complete regardless of previous experience

Reservations, Cancellations and signing into classes

  • All athletes must reserve their sessions ahead of time using the Wodify application
  • Cancellations must be done 3 hours prior to the start of their class to avoid late cancellation
  • If an emergency comes up within the 3 hour time frame, please contact the Academy via phone or email
  • Late cancellation and no shows for classes will result in penalties on memberships
    • For Packs: 1st offence = warning, 2nd and continued offences: loss of session
    • For Monthly: 1st offence = warning. 2nd offence= $5 charge. 3rd and continued offences = $10 charge/suspension of membership
    • Please ensure to free up your spot if you cannot attend the session, 
  • Coaches and crew reserve the right to refuse athletes attendance if the class is full, if overcapacity will be unsafe or if they feel athlete is not ready for program. 
  • Athletes who are reserved for the session are first priority to attend. If space is available, wait listed athletes and then last minute sign ins can attend the session.

General Rules and gym ETIQUETTE

  • Please leave the gym space in a better condition than when you found it
  • Share the gym space, please be courteous to your community especially when multiple classes are in effect
  • The locker room and the bathrooms are all Co-Ed, please be respectful to your fellow athletes. Private changing rooms can be found on the second floor. 
  •  Sign out equipment borrowed from the front end and check off when you have returned it. Missing or not returned equipment may be charged to your accounts.
  • No food, animals and headphones in the gym space
  • Keep music volume respectable in the gym space