Our programming is built around giving members a compliment to their other training, CrossFitting, Weightlifting, Running, MetConing etc. Because our members receive their exercise from other things, LionYoga will focus on:

  • restoring the body from training and improving recovery/soreness 
  • creating better alignment and structure within the body to help members CrossFit, Lift, Run, MetCon & complete in sports better
  • target soft tissues and joints to improve range of motion under loads
  • form form form 



  • Mondays 6:30-7:30pm / Mobility 


  • Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm / Flow, Form, Activation & Soft Tissue Work 


+ Bring Your Own Mat....but, if you don't have one we'll lend you one at the Front Desk.



Drop-In $25

5 ClassPack $99

10 ClassPack $199 

Monthly $175



Use the button below to get started and purchase your classes. The Mobility & Yoga classes are included in all our standard memberships. They are not included in the MetCon only memberships


Cassandra Batts

Cassandra has had a passion for movement ever since she was introduced to yoga at age 11. She has been teaching yoga throughout Toronto for the last 8 years. She has recently completed her 500 hour advanced yoga training at Yogaspace.  Cassandra’s teaching style is down-to-earth with an emphasis on building strength in the practice. She believes that taking the time to slow down and use Restorative postures helps ease students into opening their bodies in a healthy way. 

Cassandra started weight training as a very flexible yogi, and quickly learned it would be a long journey to building the necessary strength in her body to do the lifts safely and with the correct technique. Her experience as a mobility practitioner in a clinical setting alongside her yoga teaching experience has allowed her to gain comprehensive understanding of the mobility and flexibility needs of athletes within the Academy community.