Who am I? - Paluna Santamaria.

  • Personal Trainer, Yoga/Pilates teacher and Nutrition Consultant
  • Agatsu Senior Instructor teaching Joint Mobility and Mobility for Olympic Weightlifting certifications.
  • Mash Elite Performance Coach offering Nutrition Consulting and Programming
  • 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Faculty at YogaSpace
  • Agatsu Power & Grace Women's retreats in Cuba, Nicaragua, Bali and wherever my colleague Sara-Clare Lajeunesse and I can find a peaceful beach location.


What is Tune-In Nutrition?

  • Tune-in is a self directed program because the only person who can get you results is you! It's your decision and your actions that get you to where you want to be. We provide the knowledge, instruction and support, teach you how to apply it...then it's up to you to tune in to yourself and make progress happen.
  • This a program based on progressive development of a baseline diet, improved health and learning and optimization of healthy habits behaviors, personal accountability and a positive attitude towards your own personal health and well being
  • This program runs strictly on-line. Internet access is mandatory.


Why no meal plans? We want our clients to develop an understanding of what works for their lifestyle, what is good for their health and find a way to make eating to support health an enjoyable experience.

You will learn what foods nourish you and heal you.

Not all of us like the same things, this is why meal plans don't work. When you eat what someone tells you for few weeks you may achieve results but you will always go back old habits. We are here to help you break the cycle. 

The only way you'll stop dieting it's by understanding how certain foods affect you. We have the tools to guide you through this process until you feel comfortable on your own. 

We will teach you how to manipulate your nutrition according to your goals and your lifestyle. There's no need to have an all or nothing approach. There's no reason to eat like you'll never eat again and try to "fix" the damage with a juice cleanse the next day. 

To make a long lasting change you have to take responsibility. 

Understanding food quality, food quantity, meal timing and stress management will give you the power over your nutrition. You will no longer feel like you are on/off a diet. 


**This is a sample outline of how we progress you through the weeks. You will spend as much time as your body needs in each phase, sometimes PHASE 1 can last 12 weeks, sometimes it will last two. Once again, this is an individualized approach. Timelines are estimates** 

PHASE 1: REBALANCING YOUR BODY: In this phase we establish a baseline of health by assessing your current health and habits. 

PHASE 2: METABOLIC MANIPULATION: In this phase we address specific issues, we make more drastic adjustments to your program depending on how you are responding. 

PHASE 3: MAINTENANCE/BODY COMPOSITION GOALS: When you get to this phase you can decide if you want to move into a maintenance program or take things to the next level. This is where very specific body composition goals are achieved, i.e. fitness/figure competitors 

Your progress through each phase will depend on your current health and your compliance with the program. This process is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself, stay calm, trust the process and you will get there. 

We only take a handful of clients at a time. If you'd like to join this program please visit our SHOP Registering on-line will automatically put you at the top of our waiting list.