Sticks and Stones is designed with the intention of providing a platform to learn about movement. Our job is to offer guidance through positional accountability, with the aim of establishing functional independence. 

Throughout this program, members will create awareness through isometric holds, explore patterns in all 3 planes of movement and evolve their strength and conditioning through scalable programming. The class environment encourages a connected, grounded experience that is achieved with the use of barefoot training, mobility sticks and heavy kettlebells.

Stick and Stones is a combined program of the Stick Mobility and Kettlebell program rolled into one and will be available in both the MetCon Plus and Standard Membership!

Class Times:
Mondays (3rd floor), Tuesdays (3rd floor) and Thursdays (2nd floor) 7am
Mondays and Tuesdays (3rd floor) 7:30pm
Thursdays (2nd floor) 5:30pm