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Creating Functionally Independent Movers

Strength should not come at the expense of mobility, nor should mobility come at the expense of strength. These two elements need to coexist in order to establish what we consider to be

“functional independence”.
This means owning the foundational knowledge to move well on your own terms.

We use the stick to prime and insulate positions, then introduce the kettlebell to strengthen them. The marriage of these implements are vital to create the baseline towards your daily practise.

Program Mission

Sticks and Stones is designed with the intention of providing a platform to learn about movement. Our job is to offer guidance through positional accountability, with the aim of establishing functional independence. Throughout the program, members will create awareness through isometric holds, explore patterns in all 3 planes of movement and evolve their strength and conditioning through scalable programming. The class environment encourages a connected, grounded experience that is achieved with the use of barefoot training, mobility sticks and heavy kettlebells.

Positional Accountability

  • Less than 3 Months Attendance
    80% ours, 20% yours (Try hard, accept and expect mistakes)
  • 3–6 Months Attendance
    60% ours, 40% yours (Progress is made with less mistakes)
  • 6 Months–1 Year Attendance
    40% ours, 60% yours (You have the foundation to execute)
  • Over 1 Year Attendance
    20% ours, 80% yours (You consistently achieve excellent position, execution and fluidity)
Stick Mobility

stick mobility

Stick mobility is a system that enables an increased range of motion and enhances mind-body connection. As our society continues to become increasingly sedentary (excessive sitting etc.), we are seeing major problems occurring upstream in the knee/hip/low back areas. In order to compensate for this lifestyle shift, we remedy the issue by reconnecting with our foundation (feet) and adapting our “daily practise”.

The stick(s) provides leverage to access ranges you normally could not reach and will enable you to easily apply tension to strengthen them. With the help of the sticks and barefoot connection we are able to prime your positions, and then we introduce the kettlebell.



The kettlebell is simple yet elegant in that it has a vast amount of exercise potential. Kettlebell seamlessly combines strength training, cardiorespiratory conditioning, core stabilization, coordination, and dynamic mobility.

To further address this age of chronic low back/hip/knee pain, we believe the kettlebell is the best tool to assist in reversing these issues. The highly popular swing is an extremely effective exercise to produce power endurance and develop overall posterior chain strength. Developing this kind of power-endurance is particularly useful for both athletes in sport and even people who work at desk jobs that are developing postural issues.

Class Times

  • Monday
    • 7:00AM–8:00AM (3rd fl.)
    • 7:30PM–8:30PM (3rd fl.)
  • Tuesday
    • 7:00AM–8:00AM (3rd fl.)
    • 7:30PM–8:30PM (3rd fl.)
  • Wednesday
    • 7:00AM–8:00AM (2nd fl.)
    • 5:30PM–6:30PM (3rd fl.)
  • Thursday
    • 5:30PM–6:30PM (2nd fl.)