Stick mobility is a system to aid in increasing our functional range of motion, full body strength, posture, stability, and proprioception (body awareness). The use of the stick gives leverage to access ranges you normally could not reach and will enable an athlete to easily apply tension to strengthen different ranges.

The Stick Mobility classes every Sunday at 11am is a private pilot program led by Coach Brian Rothwell. Separate from the standard membership options from the Academy of Lions, this program is designed to focus on improving athlete's flexibility, range of motions and building greater awareness of the functional motor skills of the body using the mobility sticks as the key tool.

Class sizes are kept in intimate groups allowing a highly focused attention to detail to guide athletes through the movements. 

Any questions you may have about this program, please contact us at Info@academyoflions.com or directly to Coach Brian at Brian@academyoflions.com

Stick Mobility Classes w/ Brian Rothwell
from 25.00
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