Lions prowling the streets


MARK YOUR CALENDARS  Wednesday August 15th at 7pm the Run Crew Takes Off!

We’re here to elevate your training needs and help you work towards the Scotiabank Half/Marathon race in October and your general fitness needs!

The first run of the season is geared to be a social 5K run. Routes we will be posted in advance via Strava (Academy of Lions Group). Once we have a week or two under our shoes, we will start to implement proper pace groups to keep us all together and a training program (for those interested in Scotia). 

If you are not a member of Academy of Lions, have no fear... ALL are welcome and did we mention, Run Crew is FREE. There are lockers and space to leave your bags/belongings at the gym for those coming with items.

See you Wednesdays at 7pm, 64 Ossington Ave, main lobby.