'Hawaii reporting for duty. This weekend will be my last run with you all until Scotiabank in TWO WEEKS. 

I must honestly say you've all put in more work than most other groups I've seen. I'm more than proud of you, and realize you did this yourself.

The training was the marathon. The marathon is the victory lap.

Now, on to important business: THE TAPER

You're going to spend the next two weeks chilling TF out. Eat and sleep well. You shouldn't be over exerting yourself at track or long runs. This is the part where you recover from Peak Week and get stronger. Harvest your body.

You'll have a bit more time on your hands during this taper, especially a lot more energy and positive vibes. I always suggest to use this time and energy to volunteer somewhere or spend it with someone who may need a bit more help. It will help you get your mind focused, and basically, the world needs vibes like this, so spread it.

We will go over race weekend prep next weekend. Also, for anyone interested, we're having a pre-race carb load Korean dinner the evening before Scotia. No pressure to join, but all racing are very welcome.

For the routes...

Sunday may be rainy and humid. 19 C and 60% chance of rain. I wouldn't dress too warm, but bring a plastic bag for your phone

Short 14 - Corktown Common


- Academy
- Adelaide
- Parliament
- Corktown Common
- Round loop south
- Mill Street
- Parliament
- Queens Quay
- Strachan
- Bellwoods
- Home (through the park or Queen

Long 26K - Beltline


- Academy
- Shaw
- Christie Pitts
- Christie
- Wychwood Barns
- Wychwood
- St. Clair
- Bathurst
- Tichester
- Cedarvale Park
- Everden
- Eglinton
- Old Park
- Beltline
- Mt Pleasant Cemetary (RIGHT LEFT LEFT RIGHT)
- Bayview
- Riverdale Park
- Don River Trail
- Queen
- Home

Also feel free to move into Richmond / Adelaide if Queen street is just too busy.

If you would like to tack on 3km more, feel free to head south to the Corktown Common route we did last weekend, and onto the Queens Quay waterfront path home.

The next few weeks, be safe, take care of yourself, rest, and for the love of god, foam roll.

xo,H '