Shout Out to Captain. 

Shout Out to Captain. 

Hawaii (Chris D) has been an incredible support of the Academy of Lions Run Crew & led each and everyone of our Long Runs for RunLAB 2.0. He is all about the Community and makes it fun along the way. Over the past few years, he has had Team Steak for the Terry Fox Run and the Run Crew will be partaking in it this year! 

Donate to his team here:


Longest run today!

Starting off the long long run with the Terry Fox Run. You really don't have to register. You can join the rest of us at Team Steak if you want to raise money

Show up for 8:45 at the High Park Bloor entrance. There is free parking within the park if you go south to the west side of the loop, just past the race.

The gun time is at 9:00am. It's two loops of High Park totalling roughly 9 to 9.5km. Once the run is done, please feel free to hang out, get massages, get water, sign cards, whatever you'd like.

You're also under no pressure to stay, so go ahead and attack the route.

I'm out of town this weekend, so I won't be there to lead the long, so please know the route if you are going in the front. Apologies for that. I'll miss you all more than my house cat.

Also, be aware of the humidity. The temperature may be around 25, but any humidity over 80% will knock 15-30 seconds off your usual pace.

Please fuel up. A gel every 45 minutes, salt pills are 1 hour. One get before you start running. 

Water stations are sparse on the Humber Trail, but available on the MGT. Also focus more on your time on feet. Don't worry about speed with this one. Just focus on your fueling and how your body reacts to the time on feet in co-ordination to your fueling.

Also, try out all your gels for this one, as this is the most important run to figure that out with. You definitely don't want to be figuring that one out on race day. The porta-potties are at least a 7/10 in comparison to other cities' races, but I'd rather you not have to do that then.

Ashley and Ryan will also be on bike support. If you want to bring a water bottle, you can leave it with one of them and catch them on the run to grab it later.



  • Terry Fox Run
  • Bloor
  • pass the Humber Rive
  • South on the Humber Trail
  • All the way to the MGT
  • Around the white bridge,
  • East on the MGT
  • Parkside Exit
  • Colborne Lodge Road
  • North to the Terry Fox Run start



  • Terry Fox Run
  • North on High Park Ave to Dundas
  • West on Dundas
  • Pass the Humber River 
  • South on the Humber Trail
  • All the way to the MGT
  • Around the white bridge,
  • West on the MGT past the second white bridge
  • All the way to the end at Norris Cresent
  • Come back the same way
  • Right at the Humber Bay Park West spit
  • stay on the very right side and you'll end up at a loop, and come right back the same way to the MGT
  • Roncy exit
  • Queen
  • Lansdowne
  • Bloor
  • Terry Fox run entrance

Do your best. This is the longest run before your race. Most of all, enjoy it. You will learn a lot from this run, especially if it hurts. 

Remember, a properly fueled and smart paced marathon can actually lead to never hitting your wall.

To prove this to you, I did my long long run last weekend with you and decided to complete the entire thing anyway because of how lit this Squad is. Squad is on point. I'm proud of Squad. I did this for Squad. Granted, there was zero humidity, bike support and pacers with me.

Here is my log from the run.

I didn't hit my wall, and I had enough energy to finish strong. I say all of this now, and may probably do the complete opposite and die at my actual race, as mechanics always have crappy cars and doctors always get sick.

But go destroy it guys, and best of luck at Terry Fox!