Well we are in the heat of the summer & I know you have been feeling it for a few weeks. As always, please be sure to hydrate properly and ensure you are taking the necesssary breaks. We are including our routes as best as we can along the water to access water fountains and a cooler breeze. 

From our beloved Hawaii (Chris Dekoning)!

"27 Degrees 50% humidity. It'll be hot and gross, so salt pills and water stations. Gels every 45 minutes."

Here they are!


  • Academy to Queen Street
  • Queen, to Strachan,
  • Strachan to MGT,
  • Stop at Colborne Lodge Rd.,
  • North through High Park to Bloor St
  • Bloor to Dundas,
  • to Bellwoods, Lobb,
  • Argyle,
  • DONE!



  • Academy to Queen,
  • Queen to Strachan,
  • MGT, all the way to the end at Norris Crescent Parkette
  • Back along MGT to Humber trail,
  • Bloor Station Exit,
  • Bloor to Dundas,
  • To Bellwoods Park,
  • To Lobb to Argyle,
  • Argyle to Academy!


Looking for water stations along the way? Here were they are located: 

  • Dufferin/MGT, 
  • right before the first white bridge,
  • Just after Sunnyside pool
  • 1km north on the Humber trail
  • High Park/ Bloor
  • Bellwoods