Hey team - so it is a hot one this week. Make sure that you hydrate accordingly and bring water with you if need be! 

We have noticed a really low attendance of the 5km runs each week, if you are still interested in these but have been busy, please email us run crew@academyoflions.com otherwise this will be the last week of 5km runs. 



  • Academy of Lions to Strachan
  • Strachan to MGT 
  • Along Path 
  • Up over The Wood bridge to Dufferin
  • Dufferin to Queen St. 
  • Queen St Ossington



  • Academy of Lions to Strachan 
  • Strachan to MGT Trail (Lakeshore) 
  • MGT Trail to Colborne Lodge
  • Up through High Park (Colborne Dr. North) 
  • Bloor to Dundas
  • Dundas to Academy!



  • Academy of Lions to Strachan
  • Strachan to MGT Trail 
  • MGT Trail all the way to the white bridge 
  • Just past the White Bridge to make your way to The Queens Way
  • Queens Way to Stephen Drive
  • Up Trail to Bloor St West
  • The Kingsway North to Dundas St W
  • Dundas all the way to Ossington!
  • Back to the Academy!



  • Academy, Strachan, MGT, Loop at white bridge, North to Dundas St., W, Ossington, Home.