It's supposed to be a super hot one on Sunday so we are going to keep those as close to as many water fountains as possible. 


  • Academy to Queen Street
  • Queen to Beaty
  • Beaty to King Street
  • King Street to Sudbury
  • Sudbury to Dovercourt
  • Dovercourt to Queen
  • QUeen to Academy!




  • Academy to Queen Street 
  • Queen Street to Roncie Bridge
  • MGT Trail to White Bridge 
  • Past white bridge to second bridge 
  • follow up the same way back!
  • Done!




  • Academy to Queen St
  • Queen to Roncie Bridge and hop on MGT Trail 
  • Past White bridget to second bridge
  • Follow MGT back to past Roncie Bridge
  • Follow to Spadina
  • Spadina to Queen St
  • Queen to Academy!