Well folks, you made it! This will be our last long run together before the big day. 7 days from now you will be running your big race. You have worked hard & reflect on how far you have come!! 

Here is goes, here are the routes!


  • Ossington to Queen Street
  • Queen Street to Strachan
  • Strachan to Lakeshore 
  • MGT all the way to the White bridge
  • back MGT to Green Bridge at Lansdowne
  • Queen Street to Ossington
  • Ossington to Academy!



  • Ossington to Strachan
  • Strachan to Lakeshore
  • Lakeshore to MGT
  • MGT all the way to the white bridge 
  • Under white bridge up to Humber Valley Trail
  • Humber Valley trail, get off at Old Mill Rd
  • Old Mill Rd to Bloor St. 
  • Bloor through Highpark (Colborne Lodge) 
  • Colborne to Centre Rd
  • Centre to High Park Blvd. 
  • High Park Blvd to Sorauren 
  • Sorauren to Queen Street. 
  • Queen to Ossington
  • Ossington to Academy!
  • DONE & DONE!


See you at 10:00am!