Here is goes, another jump in the distance for the long runs. 


  • Ossington to Bloor 
  • Bloor to Crawford 
  • Crawford to Barton
  • Barton to Christie
  • Christie turns into Grace 
  • Grace to Dundas 
  • Dundas to Ossington
  • Back to Academy



  • Queen Street to Shaw
  • Shaw to King Street
  • King Street to Spading
  • Spadina to Lakeshore
  • Lakeshore (MGT) to British Columbia Rd
  • Turns into Dufferin
  • Dufferin to Queen Street
  • Queen to Ossington
  • The Academy




  • Ossington to Dundas
  • Dundas north to Dupont 
  • Quick Right and then left onto Osler
  • Osler to St.Clair
  • St.Clair to Lansdown
  • Lansdown to Dundas
  • Dundas to Ossington
  • Ossington to Academy