Name: Dani Rey

Age: 24

Occupation: Channel Editor, FREE Agency 

 What distance will you be running? Full Marathon, 42 km !! 

 Will this be your first time completing this distance? If not, what races have you completed in the past? Yes, it's my first time completing a full marathon. Feeling equal parts excited & terrified.  

 Why did you decide to join RUNLAB?  Because it's my first time training for a full marathon and I had no clue where to begin... Tempo runs?! Tapering?! Gels?! It's a lot to figure out on your own.

What is the best part of your training so far? Meeting other cool people who are just as running-obsessed as I am that they'll joined me on a long run even in -11 degree weather. But also Leandra Medine (@manrepeller) was onto something when she said she's into fitness for the smoothies... 

What is the worst part? -11 degree weather/ Hawaii's moustache icicles..  

 What do you hope to personally achieve in this race?(distance, time, mental challenge,ect)  Placing in the top 20 of my category, sub 3:40, & staying positive no matter the outcome 

What motivates and inspires you to do the work towards reaching your goal of accomplishing this race?  Being faster than the boys... #elevatewomensrunning am I right?