Name: Mary Higgins

Age: 33

Occupation: Non-profit program management & fundraising   

What distance will you be running?  42.2km

Will this be your first time completing this distance? If not, what races have you completed in the past? Yes, first time

Why did you decide to join RUNLAB?

I joined AoL for the metcon classes and love the supportive, empowering community. Joining RUNLAB seemed like a natural progression, the same supportive community with a focus on running. I joined to learn from people who successfully train and run marathons, and to be part of a supportive community of runners working towards a race/goal.  

What is the best part of your training so far?

 The weekly program that RUNLAB organizes has made training feel more accessible and achievable. The best part is not being in it alone, especially the long runs!

What is the worst part?

Learning the hard way about the importance of everything that goes in to training- diet, hydration, sleep, commitment- trying to balance everything with an already busy life is tough!

What do you hope to personally achieve in this race?(distance,time,mental challenge,ect)

This will be my first marathon so crossing the finish line strong is my main goal! I also hope to stay focused and commit to all the training that goes in to the race, to keep going and not give up even if things are hard.

What motivates and inspires you to do the work towards reaching your goal of accomplishing this race?

Definitely the supportive RUNLAB community, running with people who are also training for this race, and seeing friends cross the finish line of their first marathons. Every time I achieve something at AoL that I didn’t think I’d be able to do (metcons, long runs) it inspires me to keep working hard, to stay focused and not give up.

photo cred: jess baumung