This week we kick up to 21km for the Marathon Trainers. The weather is looking great and the 5 degree weather is perfect to get your long run in. 



  • Ossington to College
  • College to Lansdowne
  • To Queen Street 
  • To Ossington
  • Gym 
  • Water & High Fives



  • Ossington to Stratchan 
  • Stratchan to Lakeshore Path
  • Path to Jameson
  • Jameson to Springhurst 
  • To Dufferin
  • Dufferin to Liberty 
  • To Stratchan
  • Stratchan to Queen St
  • Queen St to Gym
  • Water & High Fives



  • Ossington to Queen Street
  • Queen Street to Parkside (dip to side street to get to High Park) 
  • Quick peek into High Park
  • Spring Road to High Park Blvd
  • HIgh Park Blvd to Sorauren 
  • Sorauren to Queen Street
  • Queen Street to Ossington 
  • DONE & DONE. Drink water, eat food & rest up! Week 5 is fast upon us!