Happy Thursday everyone! 

Now that we are approaching the thick of our training we figured it would be pretty interesting as well as super motivating to hear from some of you and get your take on the whole RunLab experience thus far. 'Your Crew Run Run' will be an ongoing series where we profile some of our crew members and get some insight into their personal training journey.

To kick things off, our first crew feature will be none other than one of our original and most dedicated runners, Karen Olivero...read on and enjoys runners!

Name: Karen Olivero (@123kareno)


Age:59 (however I do not feel this old)

Occupation: Registered Nurse 

What distance will you be running?


Will this be your first time completing this distance? If not, what races have you completed in the past?

No.  I've done many 10k races, half marathons and one marathon  

Why did you decide to join RUNLAB?

To get some insight on better running technique to hopefully remain injury free  

What is the best part of your training so far?

 Best part is the Sunday runs - love heading out on a Sunday with all the crew.  

What is the worst part?

 The worst part for me is the fact that a really simple, non running related, injury prevents me from running the GoodLife half which I am more than capable of doing !! Instead I'm doing a 10k.  Oh and maybe speed work is THE worst. 

What do you hope to personally achieve in this race?(distance,time,mental challenge,ect)

I hope to achieve perhaps a faster time than last years 10k which was 55 mins, I was paced by one of PDRR's finest  and I whined and complained for the last 3k - so I would like to avoid that !! 

What motivates and inspires you to do the work towards reaching your goal of accomplishing this race?

What motivates and inspires me is the run crew  - always !! High fives at the end of a cold frosty run.