The great podcast experiment begins...

Anyone who has trained for a Marathon or Half knows how lonely it can be. Weeks and weeks of road work, intervals and long runs, often alone.  It's not the race but the training that is the REAL Marathon.

I LOVE audio. I listen to podcasts & audiobooks all the time. They've become a constant companion in my life; I listen while I'm working at my computer, riding my bike, making dinner and as I'm falling asleep.  This past winter, I decided to incorporate podcasts into my long, lonely and cold runs through the streets of Toronto. This was a total lifesaver and something that helped me run longer, feel less lonely and get more entertained, inspired & educated. 

I've been doing some research for an article I'm writing about performance and team building. The evidence suggests that when we do anything athletic - or intense for that matter - in the company of others, and not alone,  we perform better and actually FEEL OUR PAIN LESS!  We are tribal animals and nature has designed us to prefer suffering alongside with others. 

So with all this in mind we've created "ROUTES" an audio companion for your running travels in Toronto and beyond. 

Each episode will feature a guest or guests who will riff on various topics while running a ROUTE at a consistent PACE.  It's a street level real-time tour of the city and the people that make it what it is.  It should feel like we're running there right beside you. 

For the first episode of ROUTES, I wanted to run with one of my best buds, Chris Dekoning, otherwise known as Mr. Hawaii.  We became instant friends a couple of years ago during a very painful Marathon in Pensilvainia where we learned the value of running with a friend beside you. 

In this episode, Hawaii & I discuss the Marathon we just completed in Toronto and our drastically different results. We also dive into his recent & life changing trip to Turkey to see the sights, run with some Crews and do CrossFit.  

So, here's how it works...

Below, you will see a Map of the 5k ROUTE we ran along with the description and PACE.  If you stick to the PACE you will see everything we see when we see it.  Or, you can just listen to the podcast while you are running your own route or not running at all - whatever works. 

Hope we make your run or your day a little more fun.


THE ROUTE: 5.3 km

THE PACE: 5:30 minutes per km  (8:51 minutes per mile)

START: Academy Of Lions - 64 Ossington Ave.

Proceed North on Ossington towards College St. 

Turn right onto College and proceed East towards Augusta Ave. 

Turn right onto Augusta and proceed South towards Dundas Ave.

Turn right onto Dundas and proceed West towards Ossington Ave.

Turn left onto Ossington and proceed South towards 64 Ossington. 

FINISH: Academy Of Lions 



Dhani Oks / Academy Of Lions Founder  / @dhanioks

Chris Dekoning "Mr. Hawaii" / Video Editor, Runner, Muscle-uper, World Traveller, Snap Chatter / @misterhawaii

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