I’m pretty cynical about advertising, as most people are these days - especially when it promotes a giant telecommunications corporation. But, Ben Pobjoy's video affected me in a way I never expected an Ad would. It also restored a little bit of faith that creativity & consciousness can be turned into commerce. 

Ben is the Creative Director of Behaviour, an Agency that creates compelling ideas that are beloved by consumers and clients alike and founded on the premise that what a brand does is more important than what a brand says. Ben's journey took place over 5800 km and led to him losing 100lbs in the process. It's a great story of life creating art. 

Watch Ben's Video first...then listen to the podcast!


- Dhani. 

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The Peeps in this episode...

Dhani Oks / Academy Of Lions Founder & sometimes intern of life / @dhanioks

Ben Pobjoy / Creative Director at Behaviour & aspiring champion boxer / @benpobjoy

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