On this episode of Academy of Lions Radio, Brian Cauley & Dhani Oks talk to three generations of Olympic Weightlifters -  Ivan Abadjiev, Alex Varbanov, and Niki Varbanov, along with Coach Irina VarbanovCoach Abadjiev was head coach of the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation for over 20 years. There he developed the training method that resulted in 12 Olympic champions, 57 world champions and 64 European champions.

Alex Varbanov trained under Coach Abadjiiev in the 1980s, winning a bronze medal in the 1988 Olympic Games, a silver medal in the 1987 Senior World Championships, silver medals in the 1984 and 1989 Senior European Championships, and has set ten world records.

Under the coaching of Alex and wife Irina, their son Niki Varbanov (currently 13 years old) has already broken the Ontario Junior Record in 2012, with a lift of 75kg. They train and teach at Academy of Lions.

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