This week, we're re-posting an episode we did with our buddy, the unofficial Mayor of Toronto, Kevin DrewKevin is the leader and co-founder of Broken Social Scene, the seminal Toronto band who's members include FeistEmily Haines of MetricAmy Millan of StarsCharles Spearin of Do Make Say ThinkBrendan Canning and many more. He is also co-founder of the multi-Juno award winning label, Arts & Crafts and is releasing his second solo album.

Kevin met up to talk about "pressure". Pressure around fitness and Crossfit, pressure in love, growing up on the road and touring with Broken Social Scene,  pressure recording a new album, and a whole lot more. Kevin, Dhani and Brian discuss the various ways pressure fits in to your life and how best to address that. They also introduce the AoL Radio Push-up Game, where for every "like," "um," "you know," and swear word said, you must do a push-up. Good luck!

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Episode 12 Timeline:


  • Arrested Development the show and band and a possible new theme for AoL Radio.


  • Bringing pressure into your life, "showing up" is the key, and Kevin's fitness journey from Baley's to AoL.


  • Sports and arts being taken out of schools.
  • Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, the pressures facing women in the media, and commentary on Social Media.


  • Texting and driving, cyber bullying, and living on the highroad.
  • Why Kevin thinks, "Toronto in the summer is a bunch of people with expectations sitting in traffic."


  • How awareness can help can change how your body works, asking "why?", and today's great philosophers.


  • Kevin's new album, touring with Broken Social Scene and growing up on the road.


  • Is swearing good or
  • Why Brian got into Radio


  • The lack of ego in Crossfit (at least when it began), believing in things that don't exist, Kevin's ex-Grandfather in-law.


  • The lack of "men" in today's society
  • Closing thoughts

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