It's not what you do, but how often you do it. 

Being busy is a fact of our lives and that's probably not going to change anytime soon. If you want to truly take advantage of all the things life has to offer you in this modern world, you're going to need a strategy. 

When it works, it can feel like the ride of your life. When it doesn't work, it feels like a 20 Car pile-up. So, what can you do to make your life work for you and still do all the things that are on your list. 

Nat & Dhani cover 5 simple LifeHacks that take you from morning to night. These tips don't require too much effort or money, just knowledge and the will to make your mind, body, nutrition and lifestyle work the way you want it to. 

On this episode, we'll cover:

  • Morning routine
  • First meal of the day
  • Lunch is not just about food
  • Dinner can be a little sweeter
  • Your best sleeps ever
  • We'll also announce the winner of the #CleanGreenLean Challenge and declare the next challenge called #PushupMashup

Listen, comment & tell your friends, family and even the people you don't like very much ;) 

The Peeps in this episode...

Dhani Oks / Academy Of Lions Founder & sometimes intern of life / @dhanioks

Nathalie Niddam / Academy Of Lions Nutrition Coach & bone broth enthusiast / @nathalieniddam

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