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What advice would you give to your younger self? Jenny & Nat are going to learn from the women they respect and then build a time-machine.

Raising The Bar- A show where we highlight unique female leadership within our immediate and broad community through storytelling. The women featured range from artists to business owners to athletes and so on- we’ll be dissecting their process and personal story to find out what choices and habits led them to be where they are now, what advice they might give to a younger version of themselves; and lastly, a common thread throughout all these interviews- what role athletics has played in their journey.

For our first episode we sit down with our good friend Jackie Beale. At the age of 27, the woman epitomizes what it means to be a CREATOR. She is a photographer, director, designer, producer. She’s been to photography school and architecture school and has a current client list that reads something like- Nike, Ford, Canada Goose, Canon, Frank+Oak- and that’s just in the past year. As well as being a Creator, Jackie is a fighter, literally. As a former Muay Thai fighter the need for a physical outlet has proved crucial in her creative process as well as her mental well-being. In a conversation that ranges from Concussions to Kim Kardashian nudie pics- we dig deep with Jackie to find out whats made this photographer ‘click’..see what we did there :) 

The Peeps in this episode...

The Peeps in this episode...

Jenny McConnell / Academy Of Lions Coach & RunCrew Co-Captain & many other things / @jenny_mc

Natalie Lodge / Academy Of Lions SoComm Co-Ordinator & RunCrew Co-Captain & soooooo many more things & stuff / @natalielodge

Jackie Beal/ Photographer & MMA Expert / @jacbeale


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