Most people never cross the finish line. It's not because they are not good, or fast or determined. It's simply because they don't even start. 

I've heard it over & over again, I walked by the gym for months, or even years, and was too scared to come in. I often hear this from people who NOW attend classes 5 or more classes a week now. It's now become a major part of their lives and the only thing they regret is not starting sooner. 

I sit down with Natalie Lodge & Jenny McConnell, who both have their stories of starting with a single step. These ladies have accomplished a lot in the past couple of years from Running Marathons to Coaching to competing in the CrossFit Open. But none of it would have been possible without a single decision that changed the course of their lives and the lives of everyone they have helped & inspired in the process.

We tawwwlk about...

  • the difficulty of moving past bad habits and unsupportive friends
  • how finding your "sport" or "thing" is the key to living an optimal life
  • the challenges females may face in pursuit of their vision
  • what JUST starting is more important than anything
  • plus, I make Jenny cry

Listen & enjoy. Thanks to our sponsors for helping us do what we do. /  Dhani Oks. 

Audio Note: the audio is a week bit hissy, but not to bad.  So please adjust volume as needed. The good news is, we got some new gear and the audio quality will be awesomer from here forward.

The Peeps in this episode...

Jenny McConnell / Academy Of Lions Coach & RunCrew Co-Captain & many other things / @jenny_mc

Natalie Lodge / Academy Of Lions SoComm Co-Ordinator & RunCrew Co-Captain & soooooo many more things & stuff / @natalielodge

Dhani Oks / Academy Of Lions Founder & sometimes intern of life / @dhanioks

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