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This is the episode you've been waiting for...

Over the last few weeks, Nat & Dhani have been making references to a "Diet" that is based on low carb, no refined sugars and really really high-quality sources of fat & protein.  On Episode #5 of UPLOADED, we go in-depth on the ketogenic diet and discuss who should do it and why.

In the episode we'll cover...

  • How your body makes energy out of stored fat, and why it the best source of fuel
  • How can ketosis help you think clearer and be less hungry
  • The best kinds of fat and how can actually lose bodyfat by EATING MORE FAT
  • How ketosis can help you become a better athlete
  • How to start your own ketogenic experiment 


  • We announce the winner of the last 1-Week Challenge: #SugarSquad
  • We set-up the  next 1-Week Challenge: #GreenCleanLean

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Kermit was wrong - it’s SO easy to be green!! We are throwing down the gauntlet to our community to either eat or drink something green EVERY day for (or as part of) breakfast for one week.  The Challenge starts Monday Feb 22nd. More details in the podcast.  

Post pics on Instagram - win prizes….!  Must use the following hashtags & accounts to be eligible:

  • #greencleanlean
  • #inthis2gether
  • @academyoflions
  • @nathalieniddam