According to Academy Of Lions Team Coach, Freya Ravensbergen, this is the MOST exciting time of the year. It's so exciting, she's literally bursting (must listen to get joke)

In her words, "experiencing the energy, the inevitable PRs, the badassery and incredible demonstration of community spirit is something every member should experience whether it's through competing or cheering. 

Join Dhani & Freya as they discuss why The OPEN is so great and how you can take part in it in sooooo many cool ways. 

This episode covers:

  • The history and vision of The CrossFIt OPEN
  • How Academy supports and ELEVATES the experience 
  • How to prepare or know if you ARE prepared (M17 Level System)
  • There may also be a few references to some naughty things... 


ALONG WITH THIS EPISODE, Freya has written a Blog Post that covers what was talked about here along with links to the ELEVATED 2016 OPEN PACKAGE. 

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