We know the hard work and dedication that mothers put in with newborns...


 ...So let us support YOU by helping you achieve one of YOUR goals!

Head Coach Freya at the Academy of Lions has designed a post natal fitness program set to get mothers back to moving again, safely. A mom and baby CrossFit class for all types of mothers and all ranges of skill levels.

Bring your little ones to the class as well!  Whether you have just been cleared by your Doctor/midwife or whether your baby is already on the move, we provide a space that welcomes all little ones. We have a blanketed area with a baby wrangler for the smallest babies and an open, playful environment where the moving babies and toddlers can play and watch you train (or even train with you!)

This program is designed for the postpartum body but will get any hard working momma (or dad!) into great shape.

Classes run weekly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11-12pm. 

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