Enhance Your Training

Academy of Lions is proud to offer the new and improved mobility program—included with your membership. These classes are a great way to complement your training and improve results! Each class utilizes elements from joint mobility, Pilates and basic calisthenics.


[Monday 6:30PM]


Not a traditional yoga class, however breathing exercises and principles of Vinyasa yoga will assist you in moving from pose to pose with ease releasing tightness in the entire body. A little more meditative, less workshop style.


[Wednesday 6:30PM]


What is the core? How can we strengthen it? It all starts with breathing and posture.

In this class we slow down and take time to understand how breathing properly is the only way to stretch and strengthen efficiently. Through spine mobility, deep shoulder and hip stretches you will learn how to properly activate and access your entire core to then apply it to not only to your mobility practice but to Crossfit, gymnastics and weightlifting.

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[Thursday 6:30PM]

The ultimate combination for recovery/mobility. The practices of Vinyasa yoga coupled with the restorative practices in the Chill classes will provide athletes the cool down to their mid-week workouts.



[Sunday 12:00PM]

Lie down and stay down pretty much the entire class. Incorporating principles of restorative yoga and various joint mobility systems, this is the ultimate weekend recovery class. Perfect to do on your day off or right after a gruelling workout.