Take your training to the next level


The Mean 17 is an innovate system of benchmarks we've designed to help members assess their progress & readiness for additional programming.




How it works


The Academy programming revolves around  17 key benchmarks, detailed further down.  

If you are new to the Academy, you will start our as a "Level 1."  Over the course of your training you will compile your personal workout data & record it in your Wodify profile.  Once you have all 17 benchmarks logged in Wodify, you can use the Mean 17 Calculator below to see what level you are at.

It can take about 6-8 weeks to complete all 17, depending on how often you train.  If you have trained at the Academy for some time, you will likely have most if not all 17 benchmarks already recorded in Wodify. 



What the levels mean


Level 1 - You are likely a newer member or have not entered your M17  benchmarks

Level 2 - You are Fit! 

Level 3 - You have some solid skills & know your way around the core movements & lifts.  Also eligible for Open Time / Plus Membership.

Level 4  - You are eligible for the Academy Of Lions Team. 

Level 5 - You are eligible for a spot on the the Academy's Can East Team, training for CF Regionals & beyond.

Level 6 - You breath fire. Highly athletic, strong, skilled & have great capacity.  

Level 7 - You would likely qualify for the CrossFit  Regionals.  

Level 8 - You would likely qualify for the CrossFIt Games in California. You will also be considered for a full sponsorship as an Academy Of Lions Team Athlete, which means you don't pay for your membership and we provide you with Academy gear. 

Level 9 - You would likely be a top finisher in the CrossFit Games



Okay now it's time to see how mean you are

Use the Mean 17 Calculator below to see what Level you are currently at.  

***big thanks to Jason Roberts for developing the online calculator

Overall Score

Now What?


Academy Of Lions members can submit their Mean17 Score by completing the form below. 

Once we receive your score, we will add the information to your Wodify account, which will allow you to access additional services, rewards & programs within the Academy Of Lions (read further down.)

This is based on the the honour system.  Only submit scores that are validated through Wodify.  Mean 17 scores will only count if they are in Wodify as well.  

As it appears on your Wodify account
Select any programs your Mean 17 Score qualifies you for and you wish to join:
Additional monthly charges apply to these programs. Please see below for information.


We will review your submission and get back to you soon to confirm your Level and reply with any information about programming/services your requested.  If you have any questions about the process or the additional programming, please keep reading further down.  If you have any additional questions please email us membership@academyoflions.com





Do I have to have ALL 17 benchmarks entered to be able to get an overall score?

Yes, enter a value for all 17.  Some levels don't require ALL of the benchmarks, so you can enter a "zero" 


Once my Mean 17 score is submitted, will I see it show-up on my account? 

Yes, it will be posted on your Wodify account beside your name. i.e.  John Doe [L5]  


What happens if I never submit a Mean 17 score?

You will be classified as Level 1.   


What if I've been a member for a long time and have not submitted a Mean 17 score? 

You can choose NOT to submit a score.  However, if you wish to request any additional services like Open Time, Performance Team or CrossFit Competition Team, you will not be eligible.


Will you validate my Mean 17 score?

Yes, we will validate scores in Wodify.  So if you don't have your benchmarks recorded in Wodify your request to confirm your level will be denied.


How many times can I submit a Mean 17 score?

You can submit as many times as you want and Level-up as much as you want.  We'll make the changes to your account when you are confirmed. 


How long does it take to get my Level confirmed after I submit my Mean 17 score?

Depending on the amount of requests we receive at any given time, it can will take 5-10 business days before you see your score reflected in your Wodify profile.


Do I have to pay anything to submit a Mean 17 score?

Nope, it's completely free.  If you wish to apply for additional services like Monthly Plus/Open Time or one of our Team Programs, there will be some additional charges. 


What else will a Mean 17 score do for me?

As our programming evolves, we will use the Level system to enhance the experience in our classes. Coaches will be able to provide you with a richer level of training by scaling workouts & weights to match your skill level.  

Programming & Services

Your M17 Score may allow you to access some additional program options.  Look at the options below to see where the best value is for you. 


  • Standard Membership -  $200/month
    •  1 class per day, 7 days a week


  • Plus Membership - additional $25/month on your Standard Membership
    •  up to 2 classes per day
    •  use of Open Time (must be Level 3 or higher)


  • Locker Rental - additional $10-$15/month
    •  small locker $10 / large locker $15


  • Academy Of Lions Team - additional $34/month on your Standard CrossFit Membership
    •  up to 2 classes per day
    •  must be Level 4 or higher
    •  includes small locker
    •  use of Open Time
    •  1 additional private team session per week, Tuesdays at 8:30pm
    •  Team T-shirt
    •  discounts on events


  • Academy Of Lions Can East Team - additional $34/month on your Standard CrossFit Membership
    •  Specialized programming designed for elite performance
    •  must be Level 5 or higher and be approved by Team Coach
    •  includes small locker
    •  use of Open Time
    •  3 additional private team sessions per week, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays
    •  Team T-shirt
    •  discounts on  events





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