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Lift Up program is catered to recovering individuals looking to improve their lives through CrossFit and community. Lift Up is a safe, supportive & physically active environment for those who are recovering from addiction, alcoholism & anyone currently dealing with mental health issues.  

Each week, individuals will go through a casual group check in followed by a Crossfit WOD (work out of the day!). These WODs are scalable and geared to ANY & ALL fitness levels.

With regular attendance individuals can see physical & psychological benefits including;

  • In early sobriety, it’s a simply a healthy & positive place to turn to.
  • New friends & new habits
  • Discipline & structure in your life
  • To set and achieves goals
  • Help cope with day to day struggles
  • And above all, a community to help you get through it TOGETHER



Every Wednesday at 1:30pm at the Academy of Lions. FREE for anyone at any stage in their recovery!





Rachel has experienced addiction and alcoholism close to her. She is a passionate & giving Coach and she herself uses Crossfit as way to help with her own self confidence and purpose in life. She sees the value that Academy Of Lions Training can bring to those recovering from addiction and alcoholism and can help them with through issues the recovery process can bring.


Amo joined the Academy 6 years ago through one of its first programs. At the time of joining, he was a homeless youth at 310lbs, completely out of shape, battling depression and a severe social anxiety disorder. Amo says “I saw CrossFit as a stepping stone to turning my life around and changing for the better. The Academy of Lions helped me overcome my mental health at its worse allowing my day to day life become significantly more manageable every day.”


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