The Details

The Academy of Lions is hosting our first in house Olympic Lifting Competition and is open to all levels!

Come join us to either participate or watch with the Academy community for bragging rights on the top lifters in this competition! On May 11th from 3pm-6pm, lifters will make 3 attempts on both their Snatch and Clean & Jerk throughout the day. Ranking against other lifters will be based on body weight vs. weight lifted, i.e. Sinclair.

Registration is $30+Tax and max participants is set at 40 competitors (20 Males/20 females)! During registration, a form will pop up during checkout requesting your anticipated bodyweight coming into the competition as well as what you think first lifting weight will be for both the Clean & Jerk and Snatch. (If you are not completely sure, a safe bet would be around 80-90% of what your maxes for those lifts would be) More details will be provided to participants closer to the event!

Registration is now closed! Come out and watch the Lions lift on may 11 at 3pm!


I’ve never lifted before/ I have little experience in the olympic lifting, can I still compete?

It is best to have some experience in Olympic Lifting as you will most likely be attempting your heavy weights while on the platform. However, if you do wish to participate but take it easy, you are welcome to if you want to see how it feels to lift in this sort of environment!

How will you be scoring the event?

To make it as fair as possible, we will be judging participants based on their theoretical Sinclair rating. This requires us to know what your anticipated body weight will be on the date of competition and what your opening weight lifts will be. We will then score individuals based on the weight class they would fall into and what the scores will be relative to their Sinclair rating.

What sort of clothing should I wear?

Regular gym attire will be fine (if you have a singlet, you can wear it as well but it definitely it not required). We would recommend lifting shoes if you have them! (again not a requirement but definitely helpful)

What should I bring on the day of the event?

The cafe will be open during the event but would suggest bringing any additional snacks and water when you are competing.

Are there going to be prizes?

Bragging rights and some small trophys will be awared to the top lifters of the competition. We want to make this a friendly competition between athletes and give everyone a chance to experience what it’s like to be in a lifting comp!