If you've been a class where a crazy Metcon was on the menu you may have heard the term "try not to redline". The "redline" is like comparing you to a car, drive too fast for too long and the engine is going to overheat and stop working. Same scenario in a long grinder of a workout, it's great to go in with a search & destroy attitude but if you go too hard for too long the redline will quickly become a reality for you.

The easiest way to avoid this is to simply go in with a plan prior to the workout. Figure out how many reps of particular movements you can do before you "redline" and try to stay true to the plan you create, don't get emotional halfway through and start to speed up, also don't let yourself slack or slow down. Whatever plan you decided was right, follow through until the end and assess the situation after.

Now what if you accidentally redline and need a way out, meaning your heart is pounding and your lungs can't seem to get enough air but there is still work to be done? The quickest way is to find your breath. Don't panic. Take a breathe through your nose, hold the air in for 3 counts, let it out slow and repeat until your heart rate comes down.

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