Academy Of Lions is working on a very special initiative in conjunction with Game On Toronto! for the Pan Am Games.   

The Project will assist in strengthening community sport across Toronto.  

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Six years ago, Academy of Lions started with the mission of breaking down barriers to health, fitness and community.  From the outset, we made the decision to create programming to mobilize youth in our community towards values and habits that would keep them fit, healthy and positive.

Simply put, we help youth help themselves to help others.

We believe that fitness, athletics & sports provide the perfect context to face challenges head-on and overcome them with the tools provided through leadership, mentorship, teamwork and community.

The values that are learned from overcoming physical obstacles can help youth deal with the other challenges life brings them, such as grief.

Improving fitness, nutrition and creating a positive environment are necessary precursors for cognitive shifts. The Academy of Lions Project provides the conditions needed to turn struggle into strength and sustain healthy habits throughout one’s life.



In 2015, we intend to develop a Running Crew for bereaved youth (13-21 yrs.)  This new program will generate exposure to a physical and recreational outlet that encourages healthy coping. It will create long-term benefits by developing youth leaders who will be supported to start running crews in their own communities.  

This partnership will ensure youth learn: a) to run properly and efficiently;  b) strategies to lead healthy lifestyles;  c) how to motivate others;  d) how to lead their own running crews;  e) related entrepreneurial skills like networking, marketing, and graphic design.  

This project will mobilize a team of 15 youth towards values and habits that will keep them healthy, positive and fit.  Through exposure to athletics, fitness, mentorship and teamwork, they will build the confidence and capacity they require to lead and thrive.



This organization connects with over 2000 through the GTA and provide support through individual counselling, support groups and family events.

Academy Of Lions will partner with Dr. Jay  to help children and youth explore the social, emotional and overall health benefits of running and belonging to a team with shared experiences.

One of the most common shared experience among the children and youth is that they felt alone in their grief and unsure how to handle all of the feelings that go along with having something like this happen. Providing these young people with a connection to a community of running groups and to other children and youth who have experienced something similar is a perfect opportunity to providing a healthy outlet to their grief while helping in our community not feeling alone.