There's levels to this...

Part One: The Madness

Hello, Lions.

There are exciting times at the Academy.  Lions League 4 teams have been picked & November 22nd is just around the corner.  And another Mean 17 week is upon us, which means from Monday to Sunday you will be testing your Lifts, Gymnastics & MetCons.   

It's going to be a fun week with many Personal Records.  Some of the newer Lions will get a chance to set their first benchmarks! 

Here's a look at the week to come:  

Monday:  Snatch 1-Rep-Max (1RM)  / Shoulder Press 1RM / Max Unbroken Muscle-Ups / Max Unbroken Double Unders

Tuesday: Back Squat 1RM / Max Unbroken Pull-Ups / Max Unbroken Dips

Wednesday: Deadlift 1RM / "CF OPEN WOD 12.3" (click to view) 

Thursday: Front Squat 1RM / "CF OPEN 12.4" (click to view)

Friday: Max Unbroken Handstand Push-Ups / Max Unbroken Strict Chest to Bar Pull-Ups / Max Unbroken Toes to Bar / CF OPEN 12.1 (click to view)

Saturday: Clean & Jerk 1RM / "CF OPEN 12.5 (click to view)"

Sunday: Complete any M17 Benchmarks not completed in week. 

***If you're new to the Academy this may all look like a foreign language.  But it's going to be okay & it's going to be fun.  And of course, our awesome Coaching Crew will help you figure it all out.   And make sure you ENTER 100% OF YOUR RESULTS IN WODIFY.

Part Two: The Method   

The world of CrossFit & Functional Fitness is quite big & sometimes very overwhelming.  It's been our goal from the start to develop the best practices for our members & community at large.  

Some want to get strong.  Some want to compete.  And others just want to be better than they were yesterday.  In all cases, there are more similarities than differences.  

We wanted focus.  A way to narrow in on the essential functional movements & skills that would help our coaching staff understand your needs & a logical system for more structured training. 

The Academy Of Lions M17 Level System is now live in Beta.  This is an online tool & performance matrix that has taken quite a bit of research & time to develop.  For those looking to delve deeper into their training, it's going to make a big difference. 


Happy training,

Dhani Oks | Owner, Director | | @academyoflions @dhanioks