Join Academy member Joanna Gussmann & Academy coach Ashley Monaghan June 4th from 2- 3:30pm & 4 - 5:30pm for a self defense workshop.

Joanna is a second degree (Nidan) black belt in wado ryu karate. She’s been doing karate for 17 years, teaching for 10 ( * Note this is not a Karate lesson )

"The goal for this event is to raise money for The Redwood, which helps victims of domestic violence in Toronto. Our aim is to empower women within in our community with basic self-defense skills, so that they can feel stronger and more confident." - Ashley & Joanna

Break down of the workshop -

1. Warm-up/animal movements 

2. How to get out of pushing/shoving situations 

3. Grabs/locks 

4. Attacks/hitting bags 

5. Cool down/mindful moment

The workshop will cost $10 ( cash only ) with all proceeds going to Red Wood Women's Shelter ( Info Here )

The class is currently full.