Who am I?
My name is Paluna Santamaria. I'm a Personal Trainer, Yoga/Pilates teacher and Nutrition Consultant based in Toronto.

My coolest jobs on top of teaching weekly classes and training my favourite people are:

  • Agatsu Senior Instructor where I get to travel the world to teach Joint Mobility and Mobility for Olympic Weightlifting certifications.
  • Mash Elite Performance Coach where I get to offer on-line Nutrition Consulting and Programming to a few of the best athletes in the United States and the world.
  • 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Faculty at YogaSpace where I get to teach Yoga Teachers about the benefits of Strength Training.
  • Agatsu Power&Grace Women's retreats in Cuba, Nicaragua, Bali and wherever my colleague Sara-Clare Lajeunesse and I can find a peaceful beach location.

My journey into creating Tune-In Nutrition.

I have been interested in nutrition since I was first told in dance school (at 16 years old) that I needed toloose weight. Back then I was the lightest I've ever been in my life but I played sports so I was too big for dance. According to my teachers I had to be 5-10lbs below a normal body weight to look slim on stage.

I never cared enough to develop an eating disorder but I sure developed an unhealthy relationship with my body which led me to try the weirdest diets. I always liked sports more than dance classes. Ironically, I was too skinny for sports. My basketball coaches made me train hard to put on mass which basically saved me from the bulimia/anorexia craze that was going on in school.

Throughout my many years, first in dance and then in fitness I have experimented with vegetarianism, paleo, south beach, blood type, mediterranean, awful detoxes/cleanses and flexible dieting.

I'm used to feeling great 95% of the time so whenever a diet made me feel like crap I'd go searching for the next thing that would support my performance.

Good sleep, good mood, good training it's what I've always wanted.

In 2012 my journey to endless health and efficient performance led me to meet my colleague and friend, Lovedeep Dhunna.

I met him at the gym. After seeing the body composition changes and most importantly hearing about all
the training successes my gym mates had due to how great they felt I decided to hire him.

When I met him I didn't hate my body but I didn't feel in control. I had taken nutrition courses and worked with a lot of people and somehow I was still feeling a bit lost. I attribute this feeling to the fact that I was doing everything to lead a healthy life but once in a while I would experience episodes of dizziness, headaches and fainting which would affect my work and my training.

Through a variety of tests it turned out I was very low in some key minerals.

Me, paleo, weightlifter, never drinks, never done drugs healthy Paluna was all of a sudden not as healthy as I thought.

We started the process of healing my metabolism and pretty quickly into the process I was already feeling amazing. I find nutrition science fascinating so once my hormonal issues were under control we kept experimenting. To make a long story short, meeting Lovedeep* changed my life.

*If you'd like to work directly with him, you can find him training professional athletes, celebrities preparing for key roles and soldiers at Body&Soul.

How was Tune-In Nutrition born?

I have met and worked with a variety of nutritionists, dietitians and nutrition consultants. They all claim to have the most complete approach, many claim to consider your lifestyle, health and hormonal imbalances, in reality, the majority approach nutrition from a body composition standpoint skipping all the in between that come from getting lean.

The more a practitioner preaches one specific diet/way of working, the more I step away from them.


It wasn't until I met Lovedeep that I truly began to understand how important hormonal balancing is to achieve overall health. I realized how terrifying it is to think that there are a bunch of people hiding illnesses and/or imbalances behind their six packs. Having a six pack does not qualify anyone as a nutrition consultant and this is why even though our clients get six packs we don't place a big weight on that aspect of the process.

Tune-In Nutrition is about understanding how your body function so you can not only get lean but improve the quality of your life.

I believe in educating clients and guiding them to gain a better understanding of their own body so they don't have to depend on my guidance forever. Tune-In Nutrition was born from a desire to empower people through knowledge. I am extremely fortunate to have Lovedeep as a mentor and consultant.