When I first came to Academy Of Lions I recall receiving some of the best advice. After my initial introduction and following my two onramp sessions I was left with this little pearl of wisdom:

“Have fun...make friends”.

I believe those words to be applicable to anyone at the Academy. From newer members of only a few weeks or months, to athletes that have been around long enough to see one or perhaps even two changes of address, to anyone in between. We could all benefit from this attitude in life and approach towards fitness.

Even more specifically, perhaps using this outlook with regards to participating in one of the Academy’s most anticipated annual events - Lions League! Lions League is a friendly team competition that has run every year. It’s a great chance to workout in a group environment, test your skills and push your limits; all while hanging with friends - old and new!

This years' 8th edition will surely prove to be a can’t miss event.

Last year we had upwards of 20 teams of four and nearly 80 participants. Although placing on the podium is nice and can certainly be rewarding, the aim of Lions League is definitely not a win at all costs mentality. I recall some of the stronger teams having newer athletes, but being well rounded, with the ability to push themselves and knowing the value of working together. Some of the more memorable moments and loudest, most raucous cheers came from not only experienced athletes shattering personal bests, but from some of the newcomers pushing their boundaries to where they thought not possible. I find those to be some of the most inspiring moments. Anyone is welcome at Lion League, no matter their experience level, strengths or weaknesses, skill sets or abilities - willing to put in the work and persevere, not when the workout is easy, but when it’s tough; that to me, is truly inspiring!

And that is in fact the spirit behind Lions League. To grit and grind and get the work done! If not for you, for the person beside you, for your team! And that’s what makes this one day of the year so different and to be quite honest so special. To draw motivation from the people around you in a class setting can be quite amazing, we see that around here on the regular. But to navigate through a full day, multi-event, team competition, experiencing the highs and lows, starting together and finishing together…that is what it’s all about!

Last fall I was new to Academy. I had only been around a couple months. Participating in Lions
League was an absolutely amazing experience, one in which I plan to enjoy for many years to come. I invite you to do the same. Sign up for the first time or for the eighth time. Volunteer or judge. Or just come cheer on your pals and see what all the buzz is about!
See you November 18th!