Written by Richmond Lo | Academy Head Coach

My Top 3 Picks of New Movements for the 2017 CrossFit Open

With the Open fast approaching, it’s time to try and be one with Dave Castro, the director of the CrossFit Games, to predict and surprises for the upcoming 2017 CrossFit Open. I’ve given up on trying to predict the workouts, I’ve even created a spreadsheet with past workouts to try to guess what the following year’s workouts would be (maybe I’ll share that one day) but trying to guess the twist that Dave puts in each year seems more fun. Here are my top 3 picks:

Dumbbell Snatch

Knowing Dave, he would get more of a kick introducing a new equipment than introducing a movement that people would be expecting, like a single-leg squat. It was a close call last year with the Airdyne bike being the sponsor listed for 16.2 but we were spared from the tricycle of death. Dumbbell snatch on the other hand is a simple movement, effective as exercise in a chipper workout and most affiliates including almost all commercial gyms would have dumbbells. No clue as to what the weights would be but if I had to guess, 55 lbs for men’s RX and 35 lbs for women’s RX.




Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Being one of the nine foundational movements that’s taught in the CF-L1 certification course, it’s kinda of a no brainer. Not only is it easy to learn and to judge, looking for full extension of the hip and knees with the bar to collarbone, it doesn’t require any additional equipment compared to past years (unlike the 14.4 concept 2 fiasco). They were also featured in the 2015 Regionals Event 3 chipper workout at 135/95 lbs. Pair this movement with toes to bar and overhead squats and you have a nasty midline destroyer.




Handstand Walks

Hey! Why not? The realm of workouts being confined to just the platform was broken last year’s 25ft overhead lunges in the 16.1 Open workout. I’m sure many small affiliate owners and coaches around the world including us had the headache of organizing heats to be able to squeeze in the space for this workout to happen, now why not 25ft handstand walks? It might be a stretch to call it an Open workout movement, but for it to be in the Regionals for the past 3 years and considering the level of competition rising each year, it would be soon for it to make it’s way into the open. And the spirit of the Open, where average athletes get their first double under, pull up or muscle up, why not put the pressure on and turn us head over heels for handstands?