Aug 13th, It is time for the Lion's Adventure Race!

  • Our Annual Catch Us If You Can is the Adventure Style race at the Academy of Lions!
  • Everyone can join (Yes, EEEVVERRYBODY!) no previous skills required, just pick your team of three and get yourselves ready for a day of puzzles, riddles and challenges!
  • Registration this year if $7/person or $21/team of three! 


It's back once again! Academy of Lions' Catch Us If You Can Adventure-style race is being held on Aug 13th! Grab your team of 3 and sign up for a day of solving puzzles, answering riddles and completing challenging tasks around the city at multiple locations to your chance to become the top Lions for CUIYC 2017 (annnd maybe some sweet prizes)

Details about what to expect for the event and how to set up will be emailed to participants once they have signed up! (The secrecy is overwhelming, we know!) 


8:00am-8:45am: Check in/ last minute sign ups (provided there is still space)
9:00am (SHARP!): Let the games begin! The first challenges start
9:00am-1:00pm: Teams will have a number of tasks and challenges assigned to complete within this time frame.
1:30pm: Awards ceremony




smart phones (at least 2) receive/send emails - race HQ, research (google, contacting friends for help). take pictures required for challenges


small backpack/bag, carrying water/snacks, collecting various scavenger hunt items





OK, you've convinced me! How do I get set up and registered?!


It's easy! simply fill out the form below with your name, your teammates' names and your team name! 

Don't have a team, no problem! Just fill our your name or partial team and if we can pair you up with any others looking for teams, we'll get you in touch! (Please note that for this competition it is recommended to have a full team of 3).

Once you've filled out the form, just click the button at the bottom to pay for your registration fee and you'll be all set! Easy, Right?!

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2. Pay Registration Fee


Bam! You're Done

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Amedeo Patuelli or Jed Cabilete ( OR 


Partners for the event