Protein powders are one of the most contentious and heavily debated topics in Nutrition - should you or shouldn’t you?  Animal protein or vegetable protein?  Does it work?  Should you just eat meat?  Bone Broth?  The debate goes on and on….today I’d like to introduce you to a product that is not necessarily new but one that I feel deserves it’s moment in the spotlight:

Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptide powder is basically collagen protein that has been broken down into small enough molecules so that your body can easily and effectively take them up.  The collagen protein itself is the largest protein molecule in the body - it is a chain of 1500 amino acids - huge I tell you.  When you eat protein or take a protein supplement your body breaks down the molecules and then reassembles the collagen at the site where it is required (oversimplification warning!!). For this reason, optimal digestion is important - and tends to be somewhat elusive for many people - enter collagen peptides.

Why Supplement?

As we age we naturally produce less collagen - you may not notice it now but by the time you hit your 40’s you will notice that gravity is starting to win the battle in certain areas.  This is also a supplement that can make a big difference to your performance and recovery without much downside.  It has been clinically shown in some studies to be more effective than Whey protein (probably because it’s easier to absorb) plus it presents none of the allergy/food sensitivity issues that whey, pea and other protein powders often present. It has no taste.  No texture.  So it is really easy to use.

Quality Matters

Like any other food or supplement it’s important to seek out high quality products where the manufacturers have gone to the trouble of carefully breaking this molecule down enough so that your body can use it but also in a way that doesn’t use harsh chemicals and ultimately damage the end result.  Sourcing is also important, look for grass fed cows or, in the case of marine protein (yes there is such a thing) wild sourced fish.

What can collagen peptides do for you?  A lot, but here is a short list:

    •   increase muscle gain

   decrease recovery time

   assist in the repair of joints (cartilage)

   support a healthy immune system

   great skin hair and nails

   contribute to bone strength and flexibility

Did You Know?

   Hydrolyzed collagen (HC) promotes natural creatine in muscle tissue

   The arginine in HC also promotes increased muscle Mass

How To Use it

Collagen Peptide powder is odorless and flavorless so you can add it to any this from homemade protein balls to shakes, coffee, and soup. You can take up to 6 tablespoons a day (you could probably take more but that would be more than your body could use).

Brands To Consider

Two brands that I like are Vital Proteins ( and The Bulletproof Upgraded Hydrolyzed Collagen.  Both are well sourced and mindfully processed. 

Where to Find It

Bulletproof Products are now increasingly available in stores - the Healthy Butcher carries the full line or you can go to or, you can buy them from me!

Vital Proteins in not available in stores in Canada yet but they will ship to Canada (fyi: the link above is not an affiliate link)