It’s that time again!  Fall….and with Fall comes the Harvest and with that comes Farmer’s Markets.  Of course they have been going strong all summer but this time of year is THE best!  Pumpkins and Squashes in every shape and colour. Apples, Pears, Peaches, and Greens of all kinds. The variety is endless and the freshness can’t be beat. 

Another great reason to support your local Farmer’s Market is to encourage biodiversity in our food.  What do I mean?  Take the lowly (yet delicious) cucumber for example. A cuke is a cuke right?  English Cucumbers, Baby Dills, regular cucumbers…that’s about it yes?  Actually no.  Last Saturday for example I was at our local market and came across the strangest looking cucumbers I had ever seen - long, twisty, skinny and spiny I was almost afraid to touch them!  Turns out they were crispy and sweet and awesome - they are Japanese Cucumbers.  Yum!!  And of course they were organic which means they were not coated in the usual nastiness that conventional cucumbers are to increase shelf lifelike petroleum based wax for example.  The double whammy here is that the wax seals in the pesticides and chemicals used during the growing season so you either have to try and get it off with a special fruit and vegetable wash or get rid of the peel which is (along with the seeds) the most nutrient dense part of the cucumber!  Nooooooo!!!

 This post was not supposed to be about cucumbers so let me get back to the point.  Check out your Farmer’s Market, it’s a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday morning and look for the funny looking foods - support biodiversity which ultimately will make our food supply safer and more diverse.  Buy organic whenever you are able or, as I mentioned in the Spring, chat with the vendors - quite often they may not have a Certified Organic stamp but they may be just as clean as the guys who do.

Happy Shopping!