1. How did you get involved in the world of Crossfit?

Well I got involved in crossfit when I moved to the UK on a whim. I was over the big globo gym and there was a small little family run strength and conditioning gym in the town I was living in Essex, and they happened to do Crossfit. I had heard a lot about crossfit but was always too afraid to try it since so many people complained about the pain and the crazy workouts. I really had no choice so I walked through the doors of the gym maybe my first week arriving in the UK and never looked back. I fell in love instantly, well maybe not instantly cause I do remember what it felt like after that very first workout and how it took a lot of effort days after to get downstairs but it motivated me to keep going. From there I have just kept going, I have learned to love lifting more also. I never thought I would ever be a person that would be lifting a barbell but I love it. It is measurable and I can see I am making progress. I think I scare my dad a little bit when I tell him what I have done in the gym that week but think that's just cause in his eyes I am still his little girl.


2. Why did you pick the Academy when returning from the UK?

Since going to the gym is so ingrained in my life, it was actually the first thing I started to research before I even looking for a place to live, when coming back to TO. I had done the usual google searches and noticed the academy being top of all the lists for the best coaches, community and all around great place to get your sweat on. I then realized I had a friend that was working out here in one of the boot camps and he said it was a great place to workout. He knew I would fit right in, so I then began my search for a flat around the Academy of Lions and I am I glad I did.


3. Do you have any specific eating habits? Do you follow the paleo lifestyle?

Not necessarily an eating habit but a way of life for me and that is food prep.  I have been doing it for years and it just simplifies my life and I can ensure that I will have good, healthy foods to eat on the fly. Nothing worse when you are coming in after a workout starving and you have to cook a meal up  and while doing that grabbing snacks along the way to tide you over. I can't stress enough that once you get into the habit, you will never look back. It takes a few hours to cook and clean up and a bit of planning but worth the benefits. I don't make any big elaborate meals but make sure I have a good mix of protein, veg and carbs. EASY!!


4. You’ve recently hosted a Capture the Flag event with fellow Lions. How was it? You guys plan to do another?

I kind of tagged along in this planning but it really was mostly Mia and Peter who came up with the idea one night when we were out for dinner and we all thought it was a great idea. We were really shocked I think with the number of interested people that wanted to play and we even picked up a few random people that were in the park that were interested in joining too. Honestly who doesn't want to act like a kid again, even if only for a few hours?

With the success of this, we are certainly talking about doing another one, I think we have earmarked sometime in October but once firmed up we will make sure to communicate it to everyone and hope even more people can attend this time.


5. Does training at the Academy have a positive impact on your work life?

I think the determination and drive that I have at the Academy to complete each and every workout certainly contributes to my success as a digital marketing manager. I strive to really shape the businesses I work with to better understand digital and how they can pair it alongside their traditional marketing efforts. Just like my training, this takes time to even move the needle a little bit but giving them the right tools and info they will start to see how this contributes to their success.


6. Do you have any hobbies outside of Crossfit?

Outside of the gym, my biggest hobby at present is figuring out life back in Canada. All though its been 9 months I still feel like I live in two places at once and each day is a new adventure. I am happy to be close to family and friends again and focusing on other parts of my life that I have neglected far too long.

And when I have some creative juices flowing I like to create jewelry. It's my dream one day to have a glass torch in my house, enabling me to take it up a notch.


7. You mentioned your passion for travelling abroad. What kind of physical activity do you like to engage in while you are away?

My passion for traveling has only grown since I initially moved to the UK. I always thought traveling was a selfish expense, when I should be saving for retirement and settling down. Man was I wrong. One thing I have done a few times on my travels is Stand-up paddle boarding, Portugal and Croatia. Nothing better than being out in the ocean just paddling along, enjoying the sun and getting an amazing core and leg workout while you are at it. However if a SUP instructor says you look strong, lets go for the 4 hour tour, ummm might suggest a pass unless the wind is truly in your favour. ;)


8. Do you drop into other Crossfit boxes?

When traveling, I do like to drop into other boxes, I think it gives you a chance to try out other people's programming, teaching techniques and to sometimes validate that you go to the best damn gym around, yeah some crossfit gyms not always to the standards I expect. I also love to meet other crossfitters from different cultures, we have all walked through that door for different reasons but we all struggle through the workouts together and that's what I love about this community.


9. Can you tell us something interesting we may not know about you?

Hmmm do I want to out myself on this one, I guess so, so here it goes - I have two flatmates that are cardboard. Yes you heard me right, when I left the UK my coworkers bought me a cardboard cut out of two famous British TV presenters, called Ant and Dec. I might have a slight obsession with them and well had them shipped back, to Canada. Now they stand in my living room and reminds me of the many fawned memories of my time in the UK.

If anyone out there has some connection to them, let me know, I am still trying to get on their show Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.


10. Do you have any goals you wish to achieve in the next year?

My goal is always the same, year on year and that is to get Pull-ups. they are really just so damn hard. Honestly though it really is just my mental state stopping me from actually being able to get them and this year I will master them.

And yes Amo, I will get over my fear of competing, one of these days. Still out on if I will actually compete in my first Lions League, I never want to be the weak link in a team.