1. How did you get into CrossFit and when did you join the Academy of Lions?

One of my buddies I grew up with opened up a gym in Oakville, he was bugging me to get in and try Crossfit out so I took him up on his offer and got addicted pretty quick. I joined the Academy of Lions in February of 2015.

2. What was your physical background growing up?

I have been in skates since the age of 4 so I grew up playing competitive hockey. I also played competitive basketball, that is if you call high school basketball competitive.

3. As your Accounting career has you sitting for most of your work day, is the Academy your main outlet to get physically active?

Yes it is definitely is my main outlet, sitting at a desk all day can make you pretty restless and at the same time very tight. Therefore, Crossfit lets me release some of that energy that has been building up all day while getting a good stretch and loosening up as well. Besides that I am still playing hockey year round and I am currently playing beach volleyball.

4. How did you do in Catch Us if You Can? 

My team ended up coming in 4th this year as I had two great teammates Cam Gilmoure and Rachel Palen who I was chasing around all morning. I also participated in the first Catch Us if You Can and found that this year was definitely more organized and I would say more exciting as well. Korina and all the volunteers did an awesome job and I can't wait to see what is in store for the 3rd annual CUIYC.

5. You went to Croatia a month ago. How was it? Were you hiking? 

Yea I took a trip out to Croatia for a few weeks with a couple friends. The country is incredible, we had a great balance of history, landscape, food and nightlife. Everyone was very friendly over there as well so I would highly recommend visiting Croatia. Although we did not make it to any CrossFit gyms out there we did our best to keep active including a couple hikes up a few mountains to see some old fortresses and some great look out points.

6. What was one of you biggest accomplishments / milestones at the Academy? Do you have any goals set for the future?

I think my biggest accomplishment like many was getting my first muscle up. It was a movement I had spent close to a year learning how to do but towards the end of that year I dedicated a lot of time in order to finally get up there. I would really like to see my front & back squat increase, so I am setting a main goal of a 300+ back squat and  250+ front squat by the end of 2016.

7. With all the time you’ve invested in your training, do you feel that you’d like to take things to a more competitive level? 

Yes, I would love to take things to a more competitive level. Regionals is a goal of mine (a optimistic goal) but for the time being I enjoy competing in the odd competition both inside and outside the gym. I am also excited for the 2017 CrossFit open, with 2016 being the first open I fully participate in I am looking forward to comparing my overall placement with that of last years.

8. Any sort of physical activity you haven't done that you’d like to get into?

I have never been much of a runner but a half marathon is always something that I have always wanted to do. Besides that I feel like Parkour would be a lot of fun.

9. Could you tell us something we don’t know about you?

Some years back I came within a quarter inch of having the Guinness World Record for longest nipple hair, however I have since given up on that dream. Something more current would be that I am learning how to speak Spanish.

10.What advice would you give to someone just getting started at Academy?

I would tell them that you are probably going to get addicted and that gaining strength and learning certain movements is going to take time. Therefore, do not rush and do not try and over lift because an injury will only impede your progress.