We're really excited to announce our latest partnership with a great new Ontario start-up that is helping people eat higher quality, local food in the most convenient way possible. 

truLOCAL began when a couple of friends who were working in the meat industry decided they wanted to do it better, healthier and in a more cost-effective way for the consumer and the business itself.

Greg Qualie grew up on a dairy farm, milking cows and later went on to study economics at Laurier.  Marc Lafleur graduated with a degree in health from Waterloo while working 4 jobs and later went on to develop an App that foreshadowed Snapchat. They are the perfect tandem to infuse the meat industry with some much-needed innovation & energy. 

These two started truLOCAL because they saw there was an opportunity to improve the way people purchase their meat and fish products. Buying locally raised meats should not be so hard. Marc & Greg are now making it very simple and convenient for people to buy the best quality food in the most convenient way possible. 

truLOCAL lets you customize your order online and have your favourite meat and fish cuts shipped direct. 

Academy Of Lions has partnered with truLOCAL to offer an additional discount on their customizable boxes if you choose to pick-up from Academy. Orders will arrive byweekly for pick-up at our store.  The next pick-up will be Saturday September 10th. And then every FIRST & THIRD THURSDAY of EVERY MONTH.  Their boxes stay frozen for a 2 days. 


USE Discount Code: "academyoflions" at checkout

and get an additional 10% off your order. 

***If you want the box delivered to your home address instead, you can still get a 5% discount by using code: "LIONSHOME"



The guys from truLOCAL will be at the Academy BBQing some of their meats for our community & neighbourhood to sample. Come through from 11am - 1pm to get a taste. And if you've ordered a Box, you can pick-it-up there too!


Check out the truLocal website and begin customizing your box today.  https://trulocal.ca/