Written by Ashley Dier | Academy Of Lions Media Team | Toronto

Imagine a tribe of strong women all getting theirs every morning. Entrepreneurs, writers, actresses, creatives, artists, designers and scientists sweating together pushing each other to be better versions of themselves - that's The Camp.

The Camp is a bootcamp style, women's only class lead by Coach Jenny McConnell - running Monday - Friday from 8am-9am. The workouts vary slightly but each contain a strengthening element (think pull-ups) a conditioning workout, and a stretching or mobility portion. The workouts are tough and often quite sweaty but they're meant to be that way. Working out shouldn't be easy.

I've been going to The Camp since it began, it's been well over year now and I still remember the first week like it was yesterday. I was nervous (surprise, surprise), the movements were new, I was well into a half-marathon plan and running quite a bit. That first week my body hurt, a lot - so much that rolling over in bed became a challenge. I remember feeling like my body had been run over by a cement truck... It's a beautiful memory. I stuck with it, knowing it was going to help my running and with a promise from Jenny that it would eventually start to hurt less. She was right. As I became stronger, it did start to hurt less and when it did still hurt (because let's face it, working out always hurts) I began to embrace the pain.

What I began to enjoy more than my newly defined muscles (although I was super into those) was the all female environment.  Jenny was building an army of women and awakening a power that many of us have never felt before. We were getting stronger together.

I began to notice that with my new found strength came new found confidence, body awareness and mobility. I became aware of how my body moved and noticed when things felt off or tight and now knew how to address them. My running improved, improved core strength meant improved posture. I became more alert, a faster runner, and generally a happier person. I still attend The Camp along with many of the women that were there with me that first round plus many new members.

This is just my story, there are many like mine in The Camp. From running ultra marathons, to achieving personal goals and even a few child birth's. The strength and structure we receive from stretches far beyond the kettlebells and burpees. 

To Learn more about The Camp or to sign up, you can email nathan@academyoflions.com