From talking with close friends over the years and thinking about what makes us afraid I came to this thought, most of us have a fear of pain, fear of loss, fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of success, and perhaps a fear of happiness.  But if you think about things like pain, loss, failure, success, and happiness … they all provoke a very important thing in ALL of us: CHANGE.  

Change is a constant in all that we do.  If you think about it we change on a moment to moment, second to second basis on a very molecular level.  It is only natural for us to change as humans.  Change means growth and sometimes that growth is painful.  But growth is necessary be it physically, spiritually, and/or mentally.  Change means taking a leap of faith and from my experience of taking leaps of faith, we actually land on our feet.

As an example, there have been many WODs at the Academy that I’ve done where I was scared … scared of the effort, the physical pain, and scared that I may not have the actual ability to be able to perform the movements.  In particular, Open WOD 14.2.  This WOD exposed a very significant weakness in my Crossfit game which was my Overhead squat.  Long story short, I couldn’t do one properly.  I had poor mobility and was not good with the barbell overhead.  On top of that, I knew that come my time to do the WOD, the majority of Academy of Lions members will see one of my weaknesses blatantly exposed.  I can’t tell you how much I stressed about this WOD.  The sleepless two nights I had.  I had all these doubtful thoughts about the WOD, almost to the point that I was thinking of any excuse to not do the WOD.  But in the end, I chose to show up and take a leap of faith.  To be perfectly honest, I did the WOD and felt very insecure and very exposed.  I definitely didn’t do well.   But I did the best I could with what I had and it really opened my eyes with regards to the importance of proper mobility and proper movement, which is the basis of why I became a Crossfit Coach at the Academy.  Without that moment, without that leap of faith, I wouldn’t have gotten better for it and learned something about myself.  Even though I didn’t do well, I still landed on my feet because I got better.  I changed.

So team … take a leap of faith, show up, do the work as best you can and get better by that little bit.  No one can ever take that away from you. You already showing up makes you better and it does not matter that didn’t PR, does not matter that you didn’t do RX.  You showing up and taking that leap of faith in every workout means you win … means you got better.  Means you changed.

Written by: Coach Warren Chow