William Roumanis

Training on the L5 Team, battling a shoulder injury and setting goals to climb mountains, These 10 Q's give us a better inside scoop on the Will we often see dedicating himself to the Academy of Lions culture and community.

1. How did you get into the world of Crossfit?

I got into crossfit a little over 3 years ago because one of my sisters recommended it to me saying she was getting amazing results with the crossfit style workouts. Starting crossfit has definitely been one of the best decisions I have made and has had a positive influence in my life.

2. How did you hear about us and what kind of impact has the Academy had on you?

The Academy has been great for me in many aspects. I moved to Toronto a year and a half ago and after doing some research found that AOL was one of the top rated gyms in the area as well as being very close to where I live thus making my derision very easy.  In my time here since I have made great relationships with fellow members, staff and coaches that have helped make my transition to Toronto feel very easy and enjoyable.

3. When you are travelling, you make an effort to check out other Crossfit boxes. Do you feel like other Crossfit gym communities are as valued as Academy’s?

In travelling I always make a point to drop in at other crossfit gyms because it is the easiest way to maximize my workouts with minimal time spent in the gym along with getting to meet new like minded people. Dropping into another box is one of the best things about crossfit as you get to experience other communities that might have a slightly different culture than AOL but are always friendly and welcoming. Also it is always great to pick up a new tip or some advice from other seasoned coaches and athletes that can really help shape your crossfit experience moving forward.  

4. What was your physical athletic background prior to the Crossfit lifestyle?

Growing up as as kid I played all kinds of sports, soccer, baseball and mostly hockey. Around the age of 12, I became very competitive in hockey and it consumed all my time playing and training year round until I graduated from university.

5. Since you often come to the Academy of Lions to workout as well as train competitively, do you find it difficult to balance your dedication with other physical sports & activities?

Joining the L5 team most definitely takes a lot of time and commitment that does require a higher level of dedication. I have made it a point this summer though to use my fitness that has been built at AOL to branch out to other sports. I am realizing now, like anything in life, balance is key and that applies to crossfit as well.

6. You’ve done several CF Competitions and Opens. Do you feel that they have been a good way to gauge how far you’ve come in your growth and development?

I have done several competitions and been through 3 open seasons now. They are a great gauge to see how far you have come as an athlete and would recommend everyone try at least one. With that being said I prefer the journey of training and not necessarily the competitions, although I always feel a sense of accomplishment after competing even if I don't win.

7. Do you have any upcoming physical goals you wish to achieve?

One of my goals in the next couple years is to start mountain climbing. I would like to start small and build up to eventually climb Mt. Kilimanjaro one day soon.

8. You recently injured your shoulder during the recent Crossfit Open. How do you work around you injury to maintain your level of fitness and what prevents you from stopping?

I have never been seriously injured before in my life until recently,  so I wasn't sure how to handle it. I foolishly thought I could tough it out and keep on training as I normally would and that was a big mistake. (Listen to your body) Injuring yourself is never fun but it does give you a chance look at some weaknesses or imbalances you might have and work on them. I am able to maintain my fitness by running, rowing and really focusing on strengthening my lower body.  After I get healthy I will be a much better and well rounded crossfitter. There is always a positive in any situation

9. Could you tell us something about you that we may not know?

I hate Cardio!

10.What advice would you give to someone just starting out in Crossfit?

Its very easy to to get intimidated or nervous starting out in crossfit. Looking around the gym and seeing other people who are much bigger or stronger and have already mastered all the movements. Just remember everyone started out where you are, not being able to do a double under, snatch or muscle up. It takes some time, hard work and getting outside your comfort zone. Enjoy the journey!